Selecting The Right Dorm Room Bedding

Going off to college is an exciting time, but being ready for it takes a lot of preparation.  There are a lot of supplies that the college student is going to need, and finding all of those can be a challenge.  One of the most daunting purchases can be finding the perfect bedding for a dorm room.  The truth is that a dorm room is a very small space that requires a lot of efficiency and a unique style to make it feel like home.  However, it is not the size of the dorm room that makes it difficult to outfit.  Instead, it is the size of the bed that can make finding bedding a challenge. Another nice option is Comforter Silk.

Dorm rooms typically feature twin bed, but they aren’t ordinary twin beds.  The twin beds in dorm rooms are extra long and require sheets that are specifically designed to fit the mattress.  The items that are needed are twin sheet sets, a mattress pad, and a twin comforter.  You may also want to consider getting a feather bed mattress topper as well.  Any bedding that you purchases for a dorm room bed must be twin XL.  These bedding items may be labeled differently at different stores.  Sometimes the labels will read Twin XL, XL Twin, Extra Long Twin, or Twin Extra Long.  Bedding with any of these labels will fit a bed in a dorm room.

Exactly what does extra long mean?  Sheets with an extra long label are sheets that are five inches longer than traditional twin size sheets to accommodate the size of the mattress.  These sheets usually have less depth to them because the mattress on dorm bed is traditionally not as thick as a traditional mattress.

There are several factors to consider when shopping for dorm room bedding.  You definitely want to buy sheets that are easy to launder because many college students will be doing their own laundry for the first time. Another good item to look into is the Feather Comforter.

Additionally, you may want to give some thought to the climate of the college or university.  Depending on the general climate of the local you may want to adjust your bedding choices.  For example, if you are headed to the University of Alaska you will need warmer sheets and comforters than if you are on your way to Florida State.  You may even want to choose a couple of different sheet sets due to the changing seasons.  For example in the spring and fall months you may want cool cotton sheets, and then in the winter you may want to pull out a cozy set of flannel sheets.

Don’t forget about style.  Most students consider style to be very important, so have fun with your bedding selection.  You might want to think about the style choices of your roommates, but you can use bedding to express yourself.  You should try to find bedding that you can use for the entire time you are living in dorms, whether it’s one year or four years.  You don’t want to buy this bedding more than once because you will never need it after you leave the dorms.  Try to choose bedding that is fun as well as timeless, steering away from trendy styles and patterns. Another good alternative is Blue Comforters.

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