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The Garden Studio is the latest of designs by, whom are setting the way forward for sustainable timber construction across the UK.  Other pre-fab Garden Rooms are available from, such as the Garden Office, Pavilion and Homes.  All buildings are custom designed projects and the studio rooms include sustainable features such as Sedum Green Roofs.  Made in house in the UK, the pre-fab buildings are erected in just a few weeks, making them an attractive alternative to gaining extra space without the hassle of other methods.


The latest project by contemporary design and build company, is a stunning guest house nestled amongst the trees of a private garden cum forest.  The total size of the studio building is 37 sqm with an additional 4m of decking protruding from the front elevation, increasing the total floor space.  The guest accommodation is divided into 3 internal spaces, a living room, bedroom and en-suite bathroom.


Garden-Room-Studio-London-03The Garden Room has been designed for the client to provide a separate and independent space from their home, for entertaining and hosting guests.  However, the mixed use space can be used for a multitude of other purposes, such as reading, relaxing and studying when there are no guests staying over.  The surrounding natural landscape blends with the natural materials of the studio and the secluded environment creates a truly unique and relaxing space for sleeping, living or entertaining.




Add space to your life with range of Garden Rooms. “Set in the rural forests of England, the cedar clad ‘guest house’ is nestled amongst the trees as if it belongs there.  Yet the bold lines, and Bauhaus-esque appearance create a contemporary abode, identifying its 21st Century construction.” (Jon Haskins)





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