Iremonya Funny Storage Cabinets

Did you searching for an creative ideas for storage cabinets? Japanese company called Iremonya has brought fun and frolic into our drawers (quite literally) in the form of the cool storage units. What appeals is the manifestation of different moods in each unit! You can keep all your happy stuff in the smiling drawer like your childhood pictures and souvenirs. The sulking unit can have all your part girlfriends secrets.

Iremonya Funny Storage Cabinets 01

Iremonya Funny Storage Cabinets 02

Iremonya Funny Storage Cabinets 03

Iremonya Funny Storage Cabinets 04

Iremonya Funny Storage Cabinets 05

You can store your files and important papers in the flat shaped regular drawers. This can actually help you be more organized as you cleverly divide your belongings depending on the mood they evoke.

I love these storage units and desks by Japanese company called Iremonya- they are so much fun! I wonder if they sell them in the US. Anyone?

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    Hi . as i saw these image i am very intersted to have your com jurnal . thank you so mach

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