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Modern Artistic Christmas Tree Decoration Alternatives

The Christmas time is near so many of us will choose christmas trees thanks to old tradition. The first Christmas tree was decorated at Riga in Latvia, in 1510. In the early 16th century, Martin Luther is said to have decorated a small Christmas Tree with candles, to show his children how the stars twinkled through the dark night. Although what if you don’t want to like everybody but still want to have the tree? Than you should by some modern Christmas tree alternative.
There are plenty of different artificial Christmas trees nowadays and they are considered as modern Christmas tree alternatives by many people. Some of them looks really good and occupies less space than real ones but they usually are quite expensive. The cool thing is that with proper inspiration you can make the Christmas tree without spending more than several bucks. Check out what cool DIY Christmas trees we found for you:

Logs and Planks Christmas tree

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Bathtub – Luxury, Classic, and Artistic Bathtubs

There was a time when a bathtub in a home was considered item of luxury and was seen only in hotels and homes of rich people. But today, a bath tub is an integral part of most homes, so much so that many homes have more than just one.

Even though more and more people prefer shower cabins nowadays, bathtubs always will be parts of good bathrooms. We gathered you several bathtubs that are designed for real bathroom fans who are ready to spend a lot of money on one bathtub.

1. Bathtub upholstered with leather by Lineatre

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Christmas Garden Decoration Ideas

Christmas Garden Decoration Ideas Deck with Christmas Tree

Christmas Garden Decoration Ideas Deck with Christmas Tree

Decorating the garden with holiday lights and evergreens brings the garden to life and spreads a bit of holiday cheer.

Christmas Tree

If you are lucky enough to have an evergreen tree near the garden, decorate it with bright lights, red ribbons and pine cones. Add a string of popcorn and some cranberries to feed winter birds. Tiny balls of suet tied up in mesh provide a tasty treat. Read the rest of this entry »

Unique Multifunctional Furniture By Jorg Brigham

Jory Brigham began woodworking with his father, Tim Brigham, at a very early age. Many skills were passed down to him allowing Jory to hone in on his unique style without compromising the process of a true artist. Learning to build everything by hand, Jory has devised numerous avenues to fabricate one of a kind designs. Although this diversity helps Jory learn and grow as an artist, an aspect of his labor he would never compromise, some basic elements are forever present in each of his creations. Take a close look to the passion and love Jory puts in his creations, look at the details…. Really amazing!

The Parker is Jory’s most versatile creation to date. Built like an off- spring of The Torino, the custom- ization possibilities are endless. A distinctive fluted door compli- ments the simple, clean, design. Unique to The Parker are the drawer pulls, whose inspiration comes from an antique dresser spotted in a gallery in Palm Springs. Built originally as a retro, vintage console table, Jory has many modification ideas for this piece. One includes shorter legs and a funky cushion to create a perfect bench. Another incorporates a depression for a plant or flowers to rise from, adding more verve and dimension. Made to order or exactly as shown.

Multifunctional Furniture design by Jory Brigham 01

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Modern Mirror Design for Futuristic Bathroom Decorating

Luxurious Bathroom Mirror Design for Futuristic Bathroom Decorating 00Modern bathroom mirror will create a luxury for futuristic Bathroom. Many modern mirror available right now that feature TV, multimedia, etc. But you can make your own mirror to be look like a modern bathroom mirror.

Lighting is one element that can make your bathroom mirror look futuristic. Find below some modern bathroom design pictures to help you found some idea. Read the rest of this entry »

Small Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Small Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas 01 for small living roomMost people around the world have already decorated their Christmas trees. Although if you aren’t you might be hard to found a large tree. Don’t worry, small Christmas tree can be beautiful too if you know how to dec0rate it.

Here are some decorating inspirations for you. Read the rest of this entry »

Modern Apartment Interior Design by Jovo Bozhinovski

Modern Apartment Interior Design by Jovo Bozhinovski 01 Kitchen RoomThis Modern Apartment Interior Design by Jovo Bozhinovski to fulfill the desire of the owner of the dwelling was to achieve a cold and minimalist atmosphere without warm colors and materials.

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Minimalist Wooden House Design on Lake Okoboji

Minimalist Wooden House-on-Lake Okoji 00 Exterior DesignCollaboration of two architects, E.B Min and Jeffrey L. Day have designed a minimalist wooden house on lake Okoboji, Iowa, United State. The house was built on 6000 square feet in the west Lake Okoboji with the concept of vacation home in rural Iowa. This project was finished by Min and Day in 2008. The material of this house dominate by wood and recycled material which called hard board.

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Tulip Bathtube Shower for Small Bathroom By Piotr Pyrtek

The Tulip is a revolutionary bath/shower combo designed for small bathrooms. The concept of this Tulip Shower that designed by Piotr Pyrtek inspired by nature. The form of the unit responds to organic and curvilinear growth pattern evident in nature. It’s just like tulip blooms, the pod like shape serves as a bath when open and as a shower when closed.

The proposed color scheme reflects the soothing and vivid color palletes of garden and “back to nature” trends.  This inspired and efficient use of space brings luxury features normally reserved for traditional units into the smallest bathrooms. Underwater jets, massagers and programmable sequences ensure the most relaxing bathing experience.

Tulip Bathtube Shower for Small Modern Bathroom By Piotr Pyrtek

Tulip Bathtube Shower for Small Modern Bathroom By Piotr Pyrtek

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Jota Voglina’s Townhouse in Serbia

One of the most common real estate properties that are being rented off are town houses. Townhouses fall somewhere between single family homes and condos.  Generally speaking, townhouses come along with an association that operates much like a condo association or a gated community association. Townhouse is a complex of comfortable houses which have shared common walls, just like condos. But, townhouses typically only have one or two shared walls. You will have neighbors on either side of you, but you will not have neighbors above or below you.

Unlike condos, town homes generally have a private yard that is attached to the home. Townhouse yards are usually not as large as the yards that come with single family homes, but townhouses are also less expensive. So, when it comes to privacy, space, and price town homes are a good compromise when comparing condominiums and houses.

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